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12124, RE: imagine this
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 02:24 PM
>trying to talk about something that
>cannot be transmitted by speech
>alone...and realizing that when you
>do, you put yourself in
>the "conceptual set" of another
>because you have just limited
>yourself to talking and dismissing
>the other methods of transmission
>of the message.

Response: No No. I won't answer your question until you answer mind.I'm not in trouble by any means I just see your trying to put the light back on me. I can back up anything I say. I've been through( alonge with other Christians who have been so helpful thanks) four post asking questions about my faith now its your turn. I can go through a whole list of archeological finds, but all you want to is try to knock them down(which you can't). I'm just keeping us on task and "you" have not given me an answer. You know it does'nt have to be a deep answer you can say I believe because I believe. That's all of you can come with proof I don't mind either.
>if i try to describe sunlight
>and you cannot see ultraviolet
>and i can, and you
>have no way whatsoever to
>even observe/measure/confirm that there is
>indeed an ultraviolet aspect of
>the spectrum...how can i talk
>to you. ESPECIALLY when i'm
>telling you a way to
>see them and you keep
>getting caught up in your
>already held beliefs about sunlight
>and the spectrum.

Response: Man if I would have said this boy I would have gotten killed. You really doubt my intellegence, or maybe there isn't any proof of this diety. If there isn't then oh well I'm not rubbing it in. I just wanted to know what you got.
>the reason solarus didn't answer you
>from the beginning is because
>of the way you posed
>the questions...which brought a whole
>slew of assumptions that at
>this point he might be
>tired of dealing with...and i
>am certainly tired of even
>hearing. damn i need a
>scanner, i have to draw
>something for the explanation...maybe i
>can hook something up.

Response: And you don't think I got tired answering all of those questions?