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Topic subjectthe light is still on you
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12122, the light is still on you
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 01:48 PM
>that scream "GO HOME SHERMAN" that
>i can't even copy/paste them
>all. however i would very
>much like to see what
>christians are manufacturing as "research"
>these days so please post
>the "Joseph living in egypt"
>thing...this should be fun.

Response: Not yet big fella, that would put me back on the defense and take all the pressure of you guys. As soon as I feel the need I will. By the way the as I stated earlier I'm not going to see the professor agian until the fall. And the article from Jay Smith is on the answering Islam site its only talking about archeology finds so the Josheph one is in the middle of a whole host of others. But if you really want to see it Answering Islam.org.