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Topic subjectRE: The Scriptures are objective
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12120, RE: The Scriptures are objective
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 01:23 PM
>" so Yahweh
>First let me make clear that
>the CONCEPT of "God is
>separate from His creations" is
>SUBJECTIVE. The scripture that
>you uphold is SUBJECTIVE.
>The Torah is subjective to
>Jews, the Bible is subjective
>to Christians, and the Quran
>is subjective to Muslims.
>The fact remains that the
>writers of each of these
>works SAY they were either
>inspired by "God" to write
>it or they are just
>repeating "God's words." This CANNOT
>BE PROVEN. (sidenote: If
>you want to "try" to
>prove it please do so
>on another post and just
>refer me to it. this
>goes for anyone)

Response: Not so fast, I see what your doing your putting the ball back in my court. No No it's time for you to defend your faith, actually you don't have to defend your faith all you have to do is tell me why do you believe this. And earlier you said it was subjective to you and Africans. Also the bible can be proven to be divine and I might do a post later on If I choose but it will be lengthy. But it can be proven because of prophesy,archeology,manuscript evidence, and statistical probability. The others can't.
>Prove that Adam and Eve were
>the first man and woman
>on the planet. Everyone has
>there own creation story so
>why is the hebrew story
>of anymore importance?

Respose: The proof of this will be the source, if the Bible can be proven to be divine(which it can) then the story of Adam and Eve is credible. Also the theory of evolution has been shot at just about every angle possible, so thats no longer credible.

Prove the
>Jews were actually in capitivty
>in KMT (Egypt). YOU CAN'T.
>The only objectivity of the
>scripture is that those who
>hold power ASSUME that the
>scripture is objective.

Response: Archeology has discovered writtings containing proof that Joseph did live in Egypt, also I was just reading how they think they found Joseph tomb. Noe the person I got the info about the writtings in Egypt I won't see again until the fall. But the article I was reading about what might be his tomb was done by a guy name Jay Smith.

>The scripture is the truth TO
>YOU. This is fine.
>However like i said you
>won't understand Afrakan culture whatsoever
>as long as you maintain
>this perspective.

Response: All I was asking is why do you believe this. This has nothing to do with Christianity but why do you believe this. Are you from Africa? were you raised to believe this? Was it because it sounded good? Or is there plausible evidence for this?
>With this defintion of "objectivity" the
>Bible can NEVER be "objective":

Response: Incorrect the Bible can be proven to be objective because it has too many things pointing to it being a divine book. But as I stated earlier this not about the Bible the ball is in your court, when the time comes I'll defend the Bible again and show how it's divine.
>Is not the entire old Testament
>written from the perspective of
>the Hebrews thus villifying any
>nation or people who may
>have opposed them?

Response: Not the entire Old Testament, Job was not an Isrealite. Also half the Old Testament talks about Isreal becoming a nation, disobeying God, there failures, going into exile, comming out exile, redicating the temple, and almost bringing judgement back on themselves again.

>not there customs of other
>people viewed as evil or

Response: No, not there customs, just there denial of Yahweh.

So are you saying
>that this perspective is "objective"
>because Hebrews were the "chosen"
>people of YHWH? How
>do I know that?

Response: I don't think you realize what it meant for the Jew to be the "chosen people" of God, once you realize this then maybe you won't see it as subjective. Maybe I should do a post on the Old Testament but that requires a lot of typing.

>Only the words of Hebrews
>tell me that they were
>the "chosen" people. But
>this is not subjective.

Respons: No not at all, because it also records there failures as a nation, and them going into exile. As a matter of fact I think God spent most of his time upset with the Isrealites.