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Topic subjectThe Scriptures are Subjective
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12119, The Scriptures are Subjective
Posted by Solarus, Thu Jul-19-01 08:28 AM

>>YHWH, Christ, Holy Spirit are the
>>names that I suppose you
>>call your understanding of the
>>Most High. "God is
>>separate from His creations" is
>>a concept that you prescribe
>>to and yes it is
>>also subjective.
>Response: Well you know I'm going
>to disagree with this one.
>No it's objective because the
>concept of God is not
>personal. It comes from an
>objective source "scripture" so Yahweh
>is the truth whether I
>believe it or not.

First let me make clear that the CONCEPT of "God is separate from His creations" is SUBJECTIVE. The scripture that you uphold is SUBJECTIVE. The Torah is subjective to Jews, the Bible is subjective to Christians, and the Quran is subjective to Muslims. The fact remains that the writers of each of these works SAY they were either inspired by "God" to write it or they are just repeating "God's words." This CANNOT BE PROVEN. (sidenote: If you want to "try" to prove it please do so on another post and just refer me to it. this goes for anyone)

Prove that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman on the planet. Everyone has there own creation story so why is the hebrew story of anymore importance? Prove the Jews were actually in capitivty in KMT (Egypt). YOU CAN'T. The only objectivity of the scripture is that those who hold power ASSUME that the scripture is objective.

The scripture is the truth TO YOU. This is fine. However like i said you won't understand Afrakan culture whatsoever as long as you maintain this perspective.

With this defintion of "objectivity" the Bible can NEVER be "objective":

3 a : expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations <objective art> <an objective history of the war> <an objective judgment> b of a test :

Is not the entire old Testament written from the perspective of the Hebrews thus villifying any nation or people who may have opposed them? Were not there customs of other people viewed as evil or abhorrent? So are you saying that this perspective is "objective" because Hebrews were the "chosen" people of YHWH? How do I know that? Only the words of Hebrews tell me that they were the "chosen" people. But this is not subjective.

Come on now I know you are intelligent.


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