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Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 08:06 AM
>Yes "God is IMMANENT" is a
>concept. Yes it is subjective.
>No "God is IMMANENT" is
>not the NAME of ANY
>particular Afrakan "diety". Here
>are some names if that
>is what you want, Olodumare,
>Onyame, Amma,etc.

Response: Ok that's all I was asking why do you believe this. So it's subjective to the person or tribe.
>YHWH, Christ, Holy Spirit are the
>names that I suppose you
>call your understanding of the
>Most High. "God is
>separate from His creations" is
>a concept that you prescribe
>to and yes it is
>also subjective.

Response: Well you know I'm going to disagree with this one. No it's objective because the concept of God is not personal. It comes from an objective source "scripture" so Yahweh is the truth whether I believe it or not.
>These two concepts "God is IMMANENT"
>and "God is separate from
>His creations" are both ways
>of understanding the Creator of
>all things. What you
>must understand is that these
>are PIVOTAL points as they
>fashion the way that the
>Creator is discussed, understood, and

Response: Ok I follow you so far.

>The post i was referring to
>is within this thread.

Response: Oh ok.