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Topic subjectI don't claim to be "afrikan"
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12116, I don't claim to be "afrikan"
Posted by LexM, Thu Jul-19-01 05:32 AM
but at the same time, I know that if I'm going to study/comment on another people's faith, I need to see it from their eyes as much as possible & not my own. And that's not to say I haven't been guilty of reading things and thinking, "what the hell is this???" but I try to remain conscious of that and then reevaluate it from another point of view as much as possible.

I am a student of history, so this is a skill I've had to use quite often. Others may not have that same reference point, and I understand that.

Still, one has to learn to step outside oneself to some degree if one is going to read posts like this and comment on them w/out resorting to "their God doesn't make sense" or "they're wrong & sinful" (I'm NOT QUOTING ANYONE verbatim here...don't start. just a trend I've seen on the boards). And often in his comments, I don't see Osoclasi comprehending that need. Everything comes up against Christianity for evaluation, and you can't understand concepts like this that way--hell, that's one of the religions that came into Africa trying to stomp this kind of thinking out.

That's where my frustration comes in.

But I do get your point, abduhu, & thank you for making it.

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