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12113, RE: this statement right here:
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-19-01 05:45 AM
>>how many college courses did you HAVE TO TAKE, and had NO INTENTION of IMPLEMENTING THE LESSONS?

this educational system is gross and thus no relation to it within ACTUALITY is needed...

plus, some understanding can ONLY be gained through practice. period. i couldn't teach you the benefits of being a vegetarian without showing you, so if you justed wanted to learn the booksmarts of being a vegan...you really wouldn't KNOW you would just have information. any knowledge on the afrikan lessons i've learned MUST be practiced or else you have half-knowledge, much like europeans who study afrikan ideology with this attitude...

in this culture you can learn and never apply the knowledge, in oter conceptual systems you MUST apply what you learn or else it is considered uselss.