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12105, RE: this is true...
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 07:48 AM
>Yes, you do have to forget
>other Gods to study the
>biblical one because that's what
>Christianity demands. Other faiths do
>not necessarily subscribe to that

Response: How do you figure Christianity says forget about those other gods, it say don't worship those other gods because Yahweh is the truth.

>But the point of that statement
>was that you *personally* may
>never get the "objective" proof
>you need if you keep
>bouncing the information you're given
>off the Bible...unless that's your

Response: Give me some first then judge.
>And for the record, I was
>just summarizing & responding to
>Solarus' statement; I hadn't read
>your original statement when I
>wrote that.

Response: Understood.