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12103, RE: if I may...
Posted by osoclasi, Wed Jul-18-01 07:29 PM
>I just wanted to sum that
>up (I'm bored...can't go downtown...long
>You can't bring Christianity up in
>this. This is a mistake
>folks have been making since
>the beginning of time. If
>you can't step out of
>your frame of reference to
>see where he's coming from,
>you'll never understand this or
>any other African concept of

Response: Actually I didn't bring Christianity up in this, I just asked about the nature of this God. I'm looking for some objective proofs. For a reason for someone to believe in this thats all.

>In order to understand the God
>of others, you have to
>forget the God of the

Response: That's not true, if thats the case you have to forget other god's to study the God of the Bible.