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12101, I get that...
Posted by LexM, Fri Jul-20-01 08:43 AM
>Response: Actually I'm not. I'm just
>trying to see why Africans
>believe this that's all.

ok...I got that...but like I said, I was just agreeing w/ utamaroho at that point. I hadn't read your original question, nor was I ever dealing w/ it in any of my posts. I was just speaking generally on my observations of how you approached the issue.

>Response: Cool, but if I gave
>this same explaination for Christianity
>on the "Bible Question" post
>you would have killed me,

No, I wouldn't have. Because that would apply in the reverse situation as well. If I ask a question about Christianity, it's going to be because something doesn't make sense. I'm not going to say, "your God is a farce" simply because I don't get it. Not to say you did, but that's the kind of thinking I was warning against.

Christianity doesn't seem pragmatic to a lot of people. As I'm sure you've seen in responses to other posts. No, African religions don't have the written history and the prophetic references that the Bible does, but it does have a certain pragmatism and realism that can be difficult to find in Christianity.

>Response: Must have misread your question,
>I thought you were saying
>Christians don't have an answer
>to the question about original
>sin for a person who
>never heard of Christ.

That wasn't even an issue.

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