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12100, your welcolm
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 07:45 AM
>for proving my point so well...

Response: How so?
>I didn't say that you put
>your beliefs on anyone on
>a personal level. My point
>was that your error is
>in interpreting African religious beliefs
>from a Christian standpoint.

Response: Actually I'm not. I'm just trying to see why Africans believe this that's all.

>can't do that & learn
>from their theology. You have
>to look at their religion
>from their historical and cultural
>standpoint and evaluate it from
>there. You can't throw YOUR
>scriptures into it. And if
>you can't separate the two,
>then IMO you shouldn't try
>to have this discussion. This
>attitude would be fine if
>you were comparing Christianity to
>African theology or explaining Christian
>scriptures, but the point of
>this post is to detail
>an African-centered belief system.

Response: Cool, but if I gave this same explaination for Christianity on the "Bible Question" post you would have killed me, what I think the problem is you think I am ready to attack this theology from a skeptic standpoint and thats not the case, I just want to know why people believe this?
>Again, these are your CHRISITIAN beliefs
>interfering with an interpretation of
>a totally different culture/religion.

Response: Must have misread your question, I thought you were saying Christians don't have an answer to the question about original sin for a person who never heard of Christ.

>have to step outside your
>box and see why this
>system makes more sense to
>them vs. Christianity. Why/How can
>Christianity make sense to you?
>Part of that acceptance is
>the culture you were raised
>in. If you were raised
>in Africa or India or
>someplace else other than America
>or Europe, Christianity might not
>be as clear cut as
>you see it now.

Response: maybe, maybe not. I'm a critical thinker by nature. I use to question Christianity alot, I mean with some really hard sceptism, you would have thought I was an unbeliever.
>Why do you think it took
>so long for Christianity and
>Islam to penetrate Africa? And
>when it did, it was
>more so economic or social
>pressures that caused the change,
>not a true spiritual ephiphany/revelation.
>Many of those cultures retained
>(and still do) their traditional
>beliefs while giving lip service
>to the "new" religions.

Response: Oh I know, but all I was asking is like I ask anybody is why do you believe this.