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12099, thank u
Posted by LexM, Thu Jul-19-01 04:24 AM
for proving my point so well...

>Response: Actually the scriptures make it
>clear all men are without
>excuse even those living in
>the most remote island. Actually
>i didn't even stick my
>beliefs on anybody,

I didn't say that you put your beliefs on anyone on a personal level. My point was that your error is in interpreting African religious beliefs from a Christian standpoint. You can't do that & learn from their theology. You have to look at their religion from their historical and cultural standpoint and evaluate it from there. You can't throw YOUR scriptures into it. And if you can't separate the two, then IMO you shouldn't try to have this discussion. This attitude would be fine if you were comparing Christianity to African theology or explaining Christian scriptures, but the point of this post is to detail an African-centered belief system.

>Response: Just because it's part of
>there heritage does not make
>it correct. This is one
>of the arguments that I
>posted on my evidence for
>God post that there is
>an objective moral law made
>by an objective law giver.

Again, these are your CHRISITIAN beliefs interfering with an interpretation of a totally different culture/religion. You have to step outside your box and see why this system makes more sense to them vs. Christianity. Why/How can Christianity make sense to you? Part of that acceptance is the culture you were raised in. If you were raised in Africa or India or someplace else other than America or Europe, Christianity might not be as clear cut as you see it now.

Why do you think it took so long for Christianity and Islam to penetrate Africa? And when it did, it was more so economic or social pressures that caused the change, not a true spiritual ephiphany/revelation. Many of those cultures retained (and still do) their traditional beliefs while giving lip service to the "new" religions.

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