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Topic subjectRE: it just aggravates me
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12098, RE: it just aggravates me
Posted by osoclasi, Wed Jul-18-01 07:38 PM
>when people stick their own belief
>systems onto cultures so different
>and far removed from their
>own...like, these folks don't deal
>in Christ and "original sin,"
>so you can't ask those
>questions & then condemn them
>for not answering correctly...

Response: Actually the scriptures make it clear all men are without excuse even those living in the most remote island. Actually i didn't even stick my beliefs on anybody, I've done one post since I've been here, and I might do one later on depending on how I feel. By the way if you have a belief you should be able to tell someone else "why" you believe it.
>it's just as sad when people
>see voodoo and Ifa as
>"demonic" when it's a part
>of their heritage; a link
>to their past. not that
>they have to practice it,
>but to condemn, fear and
>hate it...that's painful to me.

Response: Just because it's part of there heritage does not make it correct. This is one of the arguments that I posted on my evidence for God post that there is an objective moral law made by an objective law giver.