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Topic subjectGod is IMMANENT
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12064, God is IMMANENT
Posted by Solarus, Sat Jul-07-01 01:42 PM
(This is an okaytrip into Afrakan theology.)

God is immanent and transcendent. This idea reverberates throughout the continent of Afraka (Africa), whether in the West, South, East, etc. we can find this idea pervading the thoughts and actions of various "ethnic" groups. It can even be found outside of the continent (amongst who would be considered "non-Afrakans") but for this discussion, I'll stick to Afrakans.

First let's define the terms "immanent" and "transcendent."

: remaining or operating within a domain of reality or realm of discourse : INHERENT; specifically : having existence or effect only within the mind or consciousness

1 a : exceeding usual limits : SURPASSING b : extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience c in Kantian philosophy : being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge
2 : being beyond comprehension
3 : transcending the universe or material existence

As you can see, the two words are in fact antonyms, to be both would in fact present itself as a paradox. In the Afrakan mind, the Supreme could be nothing BUT a paradox as in order to be infinite, one must be ALL. In fact this is one of the primary principles derived KMT as seen in the Hermetic principles, according to _The Kybalion_. "The All is in All" and the "All is beyond All" are key to understanding this.

So yes this presents the idea that "God" is everything (and nothing) in the Afrakan mind. Imagine a picture of circle within a circle, within a circle, within a circle, til infinity, this exemplifies immanency. Simultaneously, imagine that same picture as NOTHING (blank picture). This exemplies transcendency.

Before I continue, I want to say this: Whenever a person tries to learn new concepts, usually the first thing that they do try to find connections between the new concept and previously held concepts. Basically when I have stated before in other posts, that one is superimposing a previously held notion onto another (western concept onto afrikan), I have said so to make the person AWARE of what they are doing. I personally would argue that this is a natural action to make and not in and of itself “wrong.” The only time it becomes a problem, is when the person makes no attempt to change the tendency and continues to make the same mistake. Then it becomes “universalizing” and I don’t think I need to discuss how erroneous and pitiful that is.


***Words of Wisdom***

"Every time you rise from your sleeping state, you have been reincarnated. Every time you recover from a bad experience, you have been reincarnated. Every time you have been given a new lease on life, you have been reincarnated. Every time you breath in and out, take in the fresh breath of life and feel the divine intelligence flowing in and around you, you have been reincarnated."- Mfundishi Bakari

On "love":

"I am in love everyday, whether I am with someone or not. Why? All love is based on a search for spirit. For me love is timeless, transcendent, peaceful, freeing, soul-based, unifying, and enhanced evolution. This is the basis of my activism."- Nettrice, the embodiment of Oshun

"Since we all make up the rules as we go along, love can mean many different things to many different people. But, for me love is a total commitment to understanding that is not limited to just people but is open to the totality of life. As long as we approach love from a fear based mentality and perceive it through veils of guardedness and anxiety, it will always be restricted by our fears."- Mfundishi Bakari