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Topic subjectdreams come true?!?!
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11838, dreams come true?!?!
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-17-01 09:49 AM
ok now, can we step back into reality?!?

that's the whole point of my initial post...if you cannot explain something, that doesn;t mean that an answer that "sounds" right is any more valid...

just like i cannot prove a "rational" explanation, just like one cannot prove that "dreams come true". the thing is, the rational explanation is willing to admit it's faultiness. cats stuck in the "dream world" put themselves at risk in believing their dreams mean something or predict things, that they cannot validate even to themselves. if anything they are just observing similarities...some of which are SO SIMILAR that they amaze the observer who feels a need to explain it. even if that explanation veers off into wackyland.