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Posted by kemetian, Mon Sep-17-01 09:33 AM
Read a book called _Creative Dreaming_, it talks abut dream control , how to plan your dreams so u canget the answer to questions u might have in your life or solutions to problems. most ppl suggest u keep a dream diary and look for patterns. they say by playing an active part in your dreams, like for e.g. conquering fearful situations, it will carry over into your awake state. i haven't gone to the extent described by the author but i took some stuff out of it.

e.g. i often dream of falling from a high point and in these i am very afraid of falling so i wake myself up b4 i hit. in the creative dreaming book the author suggests when u have such dreams (falling is popular) u should fly instead of falling. well i was falling in a dream some time after i read the book and i remembered (while dreaming) that i should fly, and i did - it was fun! then i wondered what would happen if i fell and i did. it didn't hurt, but there have been times when i've felt extreme pain during a dream and could feel it in the morning.

There's a book called _African Spirituality, on becoming an ancestor_ that touches about the importance of dreams in some african societies.
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