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Topic subjectSo an extreme coincidence?
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11800, So an extreme coincidence?
Posted by dispatriot, Mon Sep-17-01 09:17 AM
The dream exactly:
I am visiting a college campus, and go into the store section of the campus, which is set up like an indoor mall-- walkways with glass windows in front of each of the shops. (I've never seen this before nor been to a university campus bookstore on any campus.) I find a bookstore that sells only linux books, and think that's cute and that I will tell my programming friends about it. I walk to the end of the hall where there are small children waiting to perform a play in the theater.

The event:
I walk into the UC Berkeley bookstore, a year later, never having been before. The place looks like a little indoor mall, with glass panes in front of the bookstore, inside. The bookstore has a large section (1/4 of the store wall) with linux books, and programming books. More than I've ever seen elsewhere. I walk outside the back door and there is an auditorium across the way-- not set up exactly the same way as my dream, but it is there.

..another instance.
I had a dream I was walking around the city at night with a shy man I'd never met before, and we just talked about our lives in a very laid back fashion. He was a bit taller than me, kind of stocky, black, little hair, very shy in his demeanor, harmless-- although in the dream I was initially threatened by him because he approached me so abruptly.

next day..
a man approaches me, abruptly, trying to hit on me. He starts walking in step with me, not stopping, not looking at me, asking me my age, my name, where I'm going. It takes me a minute to process-- lots of people hit on me when i go out for lunch at work, but people are usually a lot more "normal" about it. So I'm thinking he's a freak.. stalker-boy.. and then I think, oh, he's just shy.. I realize this is the same guy from my dream-- he is the same build/appearance exactly, very shy, looking for company. We end up walking around the city and talking for the next hour, like we've known eachother, all comfortable like.

.. and if you think the "blue being" dream is a trip.. damn, you haven't heard nothing. My dreams are insane. :) (And I don't do drugs. :) I'm naturally this way. ;)

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