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Topic subjectdreams aren't only refuse
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11796, dreams aren't only refuse
Posted by dispatriot, Mon Sep-17-01 07:56 AM
your body spits out at the end of the day.

I say this because I have had dreams that have been precognitive in a very specific sense.. and others that I "interpreted" to be precognitive in a much more general sense.

Specific: I went to Berkeley campus two weeks ago, where I'm thinking of trying to attend. I went into the bookstore and froze. Deja vu-- I had dreamt the entire scene a year ago. The bookstore looked exactly the way it did in my dream (I've never seen a bookstore like this before) and in my dream at the end of the hall behind the bookstore there was a theater. I walked out in real life behind the bookstore, across a small walkway was an auditorium/theater.

General: I had a dream that I interpreted to mean "teacher" of sorts was going to enter my life.. the dream was that my bones were stolen from me and a blue being came and gave me a poultice to put in my eyes so I could see in the dark and steal my bones back. A month later, the biggest spiritual teacher I've ever had entered my life...

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