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Topic subjectdreams are stuff that...
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11795, dreams are stuff that...
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-17-01 06:11 AM
...you see happen inthe day and manifest themselves in your brain activity when you sleep. simple as that.

cats that say they can interpret dreams are doing so with the advantage of saying something about a realm that nobody can prove or validate anything about, and thus are untouchable to any real scrutiny. much like the mulitple universe theory...there COULD be multiple galaxies out there, galaxies that we cannot observe, but that is no reason to believe in the theory.

dream interpretation is just another thing for those metaphysical hippies to get into. matter of fact, one time i told this dream interpreter that i had a dream about me taking this black spray painted louiseville slugger and beating this large white piece of marble shaped like a gun... she told me i had this anger and rage towards white people and their attacks on blacks, and that i wanted to destroy them! now what kind of shit is that?!?

poppycock if you ask me. :) *goddamn, i'm funny*