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Topic subjectRE: Laila Afrika & pleasure.
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11778, RE: Laila Afrika & pleasure.
Posted by kemetian, Fri Sep-21-01 04:42 PM
The African and European mindsets r diametrically opposed to one another. unfortunately many of us have been in the hands of europeans since very young, K-12, college, media etc. so what We end up with is a european mindset for the most part. latent in us is our NTRal state, our African mindset. what Afrikans are trying to do is reorient Ourselves back to Our NTRal selves/ tap into our ancestral memory that's latent w/in us by studying the ways of Our Ancestors and understanding that Our way is not the same as the way of Europeans. so if all one knows is the european way and one is now met w/ the way, Our way that is diametrically opposed to it, it might _seem_ that another is "anti-everything" when in truth it is probably "anti-everything i am used to."
guess what?
that's fine. @ least u r trying to understand.

the African-centered way is not about fleeting pleasures, but deep lasting pleasure. g_love alluded to this. it's about depth not superficiality. it's not about very high highs and very low lows it's about:


cycles, which when u back up far enough looks like


so when u ask about cookies and pudding i understand that u r ask about little indulgences, little fun things, is it always serious? no ppl enjoy themselves in elaborate coffee drinking ceremonies, in marriages and loving and nurturing one another, men in hugging their brothers (there's no pressure to be macho) in speaking to NTR and listening It, in trying to be better (which i've heard alot about lately). that's fun, when u think u can't and find out u can. Africans find joy in listening to those whom other ppl don't think have anything to offer, b/c NTR is there too. Africans find joy in teasing one another (trash talking) in fact most of the things We do here, that r seen as African-American traditions are African, rapping, story-telling, stepping etc. Africans have lots of fun, even when times are tough there's always something to smile about.

remember tho' as We evolve what was pleasurable to Us b4 won't be pleasurable to us anymore as we seek lasting pleasure.

pleasure is subjective, sacrifice is subjective.

Africans see life & death as life, death is just a transition so there's no need "to keep ppl going" solely on the promise of something afterwards.

anyhoo, hope that was helpful.

>Hey Uta (or any of you
>other Anti-everythingers),
>Post up one (or 2) things
>from this magical bible on
>all things Afrikan that has
>something to do w/pleasure.
>Like, is there anything an Afrikan
>can do to enjoy him/herself?
> All you ever give
>from that wonderful, knowledgable book
>of life are stern lessons
>on discipline and sacrifice and
>blah blah blah. (To
>me that's GROSS) I
>wanna know, what are the
>rewards of being so disciplined?
> At least Christians promote
>the afterlife thing to keep
>ppl going. What does
>Laila offer? I mean,
>other than the thrill of
>going around shouting at everyone
>about how "gross" they are
>and how much more disciplined
>Afrikans are and all that.
> Like, can I have
>some Afrikan pudding? An
>Afrikan cookie? An Afrikan
>Now-and-Later?Is there any sunshine for
>an Afrikan? Is there
>any joy in there?
>It might help your little cause
>or whatever seem a little
>more objective. As it
>stands now you've presented nothing
>but condemnation of one way
>of living, as opposed to
>promoting another.

Our limitations are a temporary point
in our growth, as opposed to a finite
and essential quality of our spirit.
-Ra Un Nefer Amen (paraphrased)