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Topic subjectI'm a hedonist today, yes.
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11772, I'm a hedonist today, yes.
Posted by HotThyng76, Fri Sep-21-01 06:51 AM
>but coming from that standpoint...that YOU
>know you're going to do
>what feels good to YOU
>regardless of the consequences, can
>you see the flip side
>of that? avoiding things that
>may be bad for you
>for the long term benefit
>to your body/mind?

Yeah, I can see it. The way I'm living now is a reaction to my former lifestyle, which was totally focused on the long-term.

>for example, I didn't try to
>stop eating (red) meat. it
>was a kind of natural
>progression. I wouldn't berate anyone
>for doing it; I just
>needed to do what my
>body asked me to. and
>I saw the benefits.

I totally understand that. I've done it myself.

>but I still ignore my body
>at times. i did it
>today. it's not easy to
>shed the world we live
>in and try to reeducate
>ourselves. but it is possible.
>we can redefine pleasure, health,

Yes, we can.

My question for the Laila-ers is, how is pleasure defined in the text?

>utamaroho can come off as judgemental,
>but maybe try to take
>some of the info he
>cites with a grain of
>salt and see the value
>in it beyond his judgement.

Don't tell him (or pissy-Sol), but I see the value in it. I mean, the value is obvious.