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11770, hahahahaa
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-21-01 07:03 AM
believe it or not, i don't like those cats either...

i'm the quiet one sitting back refining ideas that these gross afrocentrists dream up...making REAL BUILDING a reality vs. something to just talk about. i used to be the main one debunking all this african-centered shit...that is until i took it to cheik anta diop's level and found REAL PROOF for things people in my circles only "talk about"...when people say shit about afrikan centered theories and it sounds like shit, i react. there are some things in this book that i TOTALLY don't agree with and that i wanted to challenge the author on when he was supposed to come to ATL, but his little punk ass useed the whole "WTC no flights out of savannah" thing to hide...:) j/k

i erally did want to question him on a lot of shit though...some of it is just GROSS! but he wa on point with th marijuana thing though...

If it works do it, if it doesn't, DO BETTER!