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Topic subjectyou're a hedonist, honey...
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11764, you're a hedonist, honey...
Posted by LexM, Fri Sep-21-01 06:45 AM
(at least that's what i've gotten from observing u on the boards for awhile)

and that's ok. :)

but coming from that standpoint...that YOU know you're going to do what feels good to YOU regardless of the consequences, can you see the flip side of that? avoiding things that may be bad for you for the long term benefit to your body/mind?

for example, I didn't try to stop eating (red) meat. it was a kind of natural progression. I wouldn't berate anyone for doing it; I just needed to do what my body asked me to. and I saw the benefits.

but I still ignore my body at times. i did it today. it's not easy to shed the world we live in and try to reeducate ourselves. but it is possible. we can redefine pleasure, health, etc...

utamaroho can come off as judgemental, but maybe try to take some of the info he cites with a grain of salt and see the value in it beyond his judgement.

then if u see nothing, well, hey, nothing lost.

*moment of silence for all those lost & those yet to be found*

"we were the terrorists up until 9/10/01" (c) rgv

"if i'm smart enough
to sneak around and learn to fly a plane
to get me and all my friends enough false i.d. to board us airplanes
to get me and all my friends through metal detectors and past security guards while hiding weapons
to make an entire plane load of people afraid of my boxcutter
i doubt i would be stupid enough
to leave all the evidence behind in a rental car
i wanted you to think i was something that i'm not" (c) 2ndsurvivor