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Topic subjectbaba vita said last night:
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11761, baba vita said last night:
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-21-01 06:42 AM
women have an incline to be more "spiritual" than men and more in touch with the "flowing" "softer" power that we all search for in life...this comes from the ability to bring forth life, because at that point (all things being equal) one can witness a human being truly giving its all (emotionally/physically/spiritually) to another without selfishness, without regret, and with divine love. usually this responsibilty and behavior is opposite for men, who take, take, take and exude that "hardcore" type attribut of power.

"be like the wind" he says. you can't grab it, but it possesses that soft power that can collapse buildings...

i agree with him...hopefully i'll come back a woman next time.

If it works do it, if it doesn't, DO BETTER!