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11755, justICE
Posted by Solarus, Fri Sep-21-01 12:24 PM


"I was trying to see if the Laila book is about more than condemning Euros. I wanted to know if the whole lifestyle is about finding one's center...finding what's real in life and gaining pleasure from that, b/c that's not the way it's presented on this board. Here it seems the book is nothing more than a tool to pump up one's haughtiness. Some of us don't get
off on that. "

If that was your question you should have asked. No matter how you may perceive utamaroho's "tactics" (which I don't always agree with), there was no reason for you to assume that the book from which his information derived had anything to do with utamaroho's "Afrikanness" <-wherever that is :-).

The other book "Bowel Management" was written by a European. Therefore if you had a question about the book you should have asked and not made such an assumption about it.

I think you and utamaroho need quiet time together.


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Ain't a damn thing changed...

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***Something to think about***

"if the god of these religions (judaism/christianity/islam) is not above using terrorist tactics to make people believe in Him (and what's the big deal if people do Not believe in Him? God is a egomaniac) then why wouldnt the hardcore followers of these faiths have a tendency to terrorism as well?"- yuckwheat

***PEace to those who made the transition...***