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Posted by guerilla_love, Mon Sep-24-01 11:56 AM
u can always find an excuse or a reason for yr behavior. usually, u can find many

if it's possible to quit without layin yrsef on the couch, do it.

for example (an extreme and really ez example) say yr smokin crack. does it matter why? shd u toast yr lighter to more examination time? hell no. if u cn quit, just do it. and fast.

(one thing my dad always used to say to me while i was growin up is "there's always an excuse." i thought he was an ass at the time, but no other words have meant more to me since.)


I'd draw yuh bath
like Picasso..

pick you,
like fruit
off yuh family tree. &
eatcha' honeydew ass,


"the skilled binder uses no strings or knots, while to unloose what he has bound would be impossible." Lao Tzu

"The logic of divide and rule is still valid today." Capleton

"if i'm smart enough to sneak around and learn to fly a plane to get me and all my friends enough false i.d. to board us airplanes to get me and all my friends through metal detectors and past security guards while hiding weapons to make an entire plane load of people afraid of my boxcutter i doubt i would be stupid enough to leave all the evidence behind in a rental car
unless i wanted you to think i was something that i'm not" (c) 2ndsurvivor

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