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Posted by cued, Sun Sep-23-01 09:58 PM
Before I smoked, I actually ate anything wooden.. like toothpicks and those long wooden things you get in new shoes. My mother was _horrified_.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes. I am one of those people who, admittedly, like to intellectualize or analyze or process EVERYTHING (damnit, I would have made a WONDERFUL lesbian -- yeah, that was a stereotype, but, damnit, I _like_ it!). I am not spontaneous, but think/feeling my way through things is what helps me let it go... sometimes, it is replaced with a cold indifference (which is what I have for some people, although they might think I hate them or something -- but it ain't that deep, I just ain't letting them get in a position to hurt me at all, ever again). So, if I can think about "why" while hating the behavior, then I will, eventually, give it up.

But I have to be careful, because some would say that homosexuality is a "bad habit/behavior" -- which is why I have to think/feel through things. If I don't sit down, with my own mind and my own truths, then I would jump at every suggestion that comes outside me and ignore what I hear inside.

*smiles* For people like me, and your friend, I suspect, you really have to listen and help to guide his thought with him, not with you. Having objectives is the easiest way for me to shut off... So... I need support!

*hugs* kemetian, I think you rule. You are now among my favorite OKP's...



BTW, I took what you said about European/Euro-American culture being diametrically opposed to Afrocentric culture elsewhere, to the friends I have been having problems with. Instead of anything being illuminating, I have been bombarded with the worst of it. Right now, I am feeling very aimless and somewhat pissed... but no post jackin'.




"americans are gross!" -utamaroho

Uplifting thoughts:

"We are the end result of our ancestors prayers as they died. We you are the sum total of their answered prayers."

"I am because we are; we are because I am."

"falling in love with somebody's soul...their essence their personality their walk their talk the way they speak and smile...no matter what the physical outer body is..male or female...is a temptation i hope i am never foolish enough to resist." - Hot Damali