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11752, Chewsticks
Posted by kemetian, Sun Sep-23-01 09:46 PM
when u stop (and u will), if u feel the need to keep something in yor mouth u can use chewsticks, they r great for the teeth.

On a more serious note (but i was serious about that): what u said about knowing "why Quentin smokes", reminded me of a convo i had w/ a friend about some unhealthy behaviour, my suggestion was to just stop. he told me there was some psychological reason for his behavior and he would have to examine it b/c it was 2 hard to just stop. now i'm not suggesting that this is the case w/ u, but what u said reminded me of a question that i've had:

Do u (and anyone else) think knowing y one is engaging in unhealthy or potentially destructive behaviour is prerequisite to the cessation of said behaviour?

Our limitations are a temporary point
in our growth, as opposed to a finite
and essential quality of our spirit.
-Ra Un Nefer Amen (paraphrased)