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Topic subjectwell, speaking of...
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11738, well, speaking of...
Posted by alek, Mon Sep-24-01 02:52 PM
...I've been peripherally involved in a reparations task force here in New Haven. They're asking for things people need (funding for education, home-owner programs, etc.), and the fact is, they're going to be more successful under the reparations banner than they would be under a simple advocacy banner (which I'd consider more ideologically and methodologically sound).

So I'm more conflicted now.

But I'd never compare fighting for reparations with BUIlDING A MOVEMENT. If they can truly be part of the same struggle, though, I'm down.

The problem is, Jesse Jackson et al have NOTHING to do with building a movement, so on a national scale I'm still against it.

But here in New Haven, the Reparations Task Force is a faith-based community organization with strong ties to labor and clergy and progressive politics. That's got the big movement feel, so I'm pretty much behind them.


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