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Topic subject(((POLARITY)))
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11737, (((POLARITY)))
Posted by Solarus, Mon Sep-24-01 03:24 AM
"And, if it wasn't already clear to you, I consider you among the best of my many teachers (and students) on this board..."

I'll give you that.

Although I never was for FIGHTING for reparations I am slowly beginning to think that you WERE right in that RECEIVING reparations itself is negative.


I believe that most would take REPARATIONS as THE SIGN that "all is well." Also the fact that Jesse is at the forefront of the Reparations movement AND the African American Reparations issue overlooked other PRESENT DAY issues of slavery and racism at the Racism Conference, doesn't help much.


Still representin' the RED, BLACK & GREEN since 1978!

Ain't a damn thing changed...

*That includes the Panamanian "dummy government setup by you know who" flag.

***Something to think about***

"if the god of these religions (judaism/christianity/islam) is not above using terrorist tactics to make people believe in Him (and what's the big deal if people do Not believe in Him? God is a egomaniac) then why wouldnt the hardcore followers of these faiths have a tendency to terrorism as well?"- yuckwheat

***PEace to those who made the transition...***