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Topic subjectIt's 4 PM
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11735, It's 4 PM
Posted by Solarus, Sun Sep-23-01 10:33 AM
and I've been working on my thesis proposal since yesterday (didn't go home). I'm not stressed or anything just tired. I was an ass (to you), my bad.

Hotthyng has asked questions along the same line before and I have tried to offer what I could with 100% less wrath. I wasn't going to respond but then I was like "Fuck it! this cat's goin down."

Anyways i still wouldn't have responded with a serious and thoughtful answer even if i didn't rant, because of the sarcastic nature of his post. Look at M2's post "Afrika." He asked a serious question and I answered to the best of my ability because of the tone that he put forth.



DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(i love saying that)


Still representin' the RED, BLACK & GREEN since 1978!

Ain't a damn thing changed...

*That includes the Panamanian "dummy government setup by you know who" flag.

***Something to think about***

"if the god of these religions (judaism/christianity/islam) is not above using terrorist tactics to make people believe in Him (and what's the big deal if people do Not believe in Him? God is a egomaniac) then why wouldnt the hardcore followers of these faiths have a tendency to terrorism as well?"- yuckwheat

***PEace to those who made the transition...***