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Topic subjectdamn shame
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11733, damn shame
Posted by Solarus, Sun Sep-23-01 07:24 AM

Before I respond to your post I just want to say that I let my emotions get the better of me when responding to Hotthyng. Thus the post was more of rant of frustration than any certifiable lesson building. I fucked up.

Nevertheless I want to respond to you

(cuz your gross :-))

>>Before you step into the realm
>>break out of that gross
>>conditioning in which all you
>>EVER do is find "substitutions"
>>i.e. apply your pitiful American
>>ideology on everything under the
>Funny...somehow "applying ideology on everything" sounds
>familiar to me...where?...
>...oh YEAH!!
>From all of your posts on
>this board.

He asked about questions about "pleasure" based on his own understanding of what pleasure means in the context of another. Instead of asking HOW the "other" defined pleasure, he sarcastically questioned where could pleasure possibly come from in an "afrikan" context.

>Applying your worldview to everyone/everything else
>is a WESTERN practice, and
>guess what? You're doing

Actually EVERYONE apply their ideology on everyone and everything when trying to understand them which in an of itself is not right/wrong (initially that is). I take this into account when talking to anyone. This is nothing but ignorance, i.e. not knowing, which is not "wrong." HOwever with knowledge one learns that another's way is DIFFERENT. The problem is when one continually applies same thinking to how others act i.e. universalism despite KNOWLEDGE. Hotthyng has continually done this DESPITE KNOWLEDGE! THAT IS THE PROBLEM! this isn't the first time this discussion has been brought up.

>>>"All you ever give from that
>>>wonderful, knowledgable book of life
>>>are stern lessons on discipline
>>>and sacrifice and blah blah
>>>blah. (To me that's GROSS)"
>>What "book of life" is this?
>Sorry, but this is a pathetic
>response to a serious question
>and a good point.
>I've been studying African music
>intensively for three straight years

No it isn't. It was not a "serious question." Name me a "book of life" from Afrikan traditions. Odu Ifa maybe??? Pert Em Heru??? MAYBE but this question was NOT serious. The topic is HEALTH AND PLEASURE and the "book of life" that he was sarcastically referring to was a work written by Laila Afrika. It was a pitiful and disrespectful attempt at humor and your attempt to justify it is also pitiful and disrespectful. Seriously dude TRY HARDER. You example of African music has NOTHING to do with the topic.

>Granted, you may know less about
>those aspects of Afrikan life
>than the philosophical/spiritual/ethical/political aspects, but
>then I'd suggest "I don't
>know" or "I'm still learning
>that" as appropriate responses.

This had NOTHING to do with the topic. TRY HARDER or just go to another forum. I will discuss all that I know when it is appropriate. Here it was not.
>>>"I wanna know, what are the
>>>rewards of being so disciplined?
>>>At least Christians promote the
>>>afterlife thing to keep ppl
>>"To keep ppl going?" That's
>>a CRUTCH! That's what children
>>and PITIFUL adults need to
>>what??? DO BETTER!!!
>Another reactionary response to an even
>BETTER question. Why don't
>you give us your opinion
>an "what the rewards of
>discipline" are? I think
>that'd be valuable...or at least
>a lot more valuable that

I've discussed this SEVERAL TIMES before. Check "God is IMMANENT" in the archives. And don't think I am not willing to re-dscuss a previously discussed topic, because i am. However I did not see the need in this case as Hotthyng has a history of doing these sorts of posts WITH HIS QUESTIONS BEING ANSWERED! Thus I did not feel obligated to give him any true eye-opening answers. And like i said iwas pissed.

>>>"What does Laila offer? I mean,
>>>other than the thrill of
>>>going around shouting at everyone
>>>about how "gross" they are
>>>and how much more disciplined
>>>Afrikans are and all that."
>This is hilarious. hothyng asks
>"what does Laila offer other
>than shouting 'you're gross!' at
>everyone," and after you give
>a terrific answer to that
>question, you turn around and
>shout "YOU'RE GROSS!!!" at him.

Are you a dumbass or are you trying to piss me off? (I think its both) ANYWAYS-> utamaroho made a post detailing some of what Laila "offers." When does Laila say anyone is "gross?" Again Hotthyng made a stupid ass post based on his own personal feelings about UTAMAROHO and NOT the author of the book that UTAMAROHO QUOTED, AND displace his opinions of UTAMAROHO on the AUTHOR OF THE BOOK. Now you DEFENDING HIM IS HILARIOUS!!!!

>>>Building/Destroying go together. This is
>>only natural when telling someone
>>a HEALTHIER way to live.

>Actually, this strikes me as a
>SUPREMELY European/colonialist way of thought.

The difference: Most people (of whatever belief, culture, etc.) believe that their way is RIGHT and in some (most?)cases SUPERIOR to another. However when this particular group of people IMPOSE THEIR WAY ON OTHERS DESPITE THE WISHES OF THE "OTHER" GROUP then THAT IS IMPERIALISM.

If I tell you another way to live, then that is JUST IT! I'M TELLING YOU NOT FORCING YOU!

Come on man


aw forget it.


Still representin' the RED, BLACK & GREEN since 1978!

Ain't a damn thing changed...

*That includes the Panamanian "dummy government setup by you know who" flag.

***Something to think about***

"if the god of these religions (judaism/christianity/islam) is not above using terrorist tactics to make people believe in Him (and what's the big deal if people do Not believe in Him? God is a egomaniac) then why wouldnt the hardcore followers of these faiths have a tendency to terrorism as well?"- yuckwheat

***PEace to those who made the transition...***