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Topic subjecttake your medication...
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11732, take your medication...
Posted by alek, Sun Sep-23-01 06:10 AM
>Before you step into the realm
>break out of that gross
>conditioning in which all you
>EVER do is find "substitutions"
>i.e. apply your pitiful American
>ideology on everything under the

Funny...somehow "applying ideology on everything" sounds familiar to me...where?...
...oh YEAH!!

From all of your posts on this board.

Way to think outside the box. DO BETTER yourself.

Applying your worldview to everyone/everything else is a WESTERN practice, and guess what? You're doing it.

>>"All you ever give from that
>>wonderful, knowledgable book of life
>>are stern lessons on discipline
>>and sacrifice and blah blah
>>blah. (To me that's GROSS)"

>What "book of life" is this?

Sorry, but this is a pathetic response to a serious question and a good point. I've been studying African music intensively for three straight years now.

There are PLENTY of revolutionary things you could say about cultural life and recreation that would still open people's minds (I'm assuming that's a main objective of yours/ours).

Granted, you may know less about those aspects of Afrikan life than the philosophical/spiritual/ethical/political aspects, but then I'd suggest "I don't know" or "I'm still learning that" as appropriate responses.

>>"I wanna know, what are the
>>rewards of being so disciplined?
>>At least Christians promote the
>>afterlife thing to keep ppl

>"To keep ppl going?" That's
>a CRUTCH! That's what children
>and PITIFUL adults need to
>what??? DO BETTER!!!

Another reactionary response to an even BETTER question. Why don't you give us your opinion an "what the rewards of discipline" are? I think that'd be valuable...or at least a lot more valuable that castigation.

>>"What does Laila offer? I mean,
>>other than the thrill of
>>going around shouting at everyone
>>about how "gross" they are
>>and how much more disciplined
>>Afrikans are and all that."

>Afrikans are SUFFERING from ill health
>WORLDWIDE and all Laila Afrika
>is doing is providing solutions
>to circumventing ILL HEALTH.
>Don't get mad at him
>because YOU'RE GROSS!!! Again,

This is hilarious. hothyng asks "what does Laila offer other than shouting 'you're gross!' at everyone," and after you give a terrific answer to that question, you turn around and shout "YOU'RE GROSS!!!" at him.

Yes, I'm positive that those two words provided many solutions to circumventing ILL HEALTH in Africa.

>There is plenty of JOY for
>the Afrikan. I'm sorry
>if this "joy" does not
>correspond to your Euro-AMERICAN view
>of "JOY." NOW and Later
>??!!!! Eating gross ass processed
>sugar artificial bs is a
>JOY!!! SAD!

...heheheh. So much for pleasure being SUBJECTIVE.

>Building/Destroying go together. This is
>only natural when telling someone
>a HEALTHIER way to live.

Actually, this strikes me as a SUPREMELY European/colonialist way of thought.

You can DO BETTER if you want to, but if you don't just continue on.

LEFT side of the bedroom, fool!
What?! What?!