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11725, That's it
Posted by Solarus, Fri Sep-21-01 06:18 AM

I can't take anymore or these pitiful little posts that you make because you feel gross about yourself. DO BETTER!

Before you step into the realm break out of that gross conditioning in which all you EVER do is find "substitutions" i.e. apply your pitiful American ideology on everything under the sun.

"Post up one (or 2) things from this magical bible on all things Afrikan that has something to do w/pleasure."

First off ain't no magical Afrikan Bible and Afrikans (cross-"tribally") realize that change is constant and nothing is edged in stone. If it works do it, if it doesn't, DO BETTER!

Second, pleasure is SUBJECTIVE. Defined by the DEFINER!

"Like, is there anything an Afrikan can do to enjoy him/herself?"

Dancing, Games, Being with Family, NATIONBUILDING, singing, etc.

"All you ever give from that wonderful, knowledgable book of life are stern lessons on discipline and sacrifice and blah blah blah. (To me that's GROSS)"

What "book of life" is this? DO BETTER!

"I wanna know, what are the rewards of being so disciplined? At least Christians promote the afterlife thing to keep ppl going."

"To keep ppl going?" That's a CRUTCH! That's what children and PITIFUL adults need to what??? DO BETTER!!!

"What does Laila offer? I mean, other than the thrill of going around shouting at everyone about how "gross" they are and how much more disciplined Afrikans are and all that."

Afrikans are SUFFERING from ill health WORLDWIDE and all Laila Afrika is doing is providing solutions to circumventing ILL HEALTH. Don't get mad at him because YOU'RE GROSS!!! Again, DO BETTER!

"Like, can I have some Afrikan pudding? An Afrikan cookie? An Afrikan Now-and-Later?Is there any sunshine for an Afrikan? Is there any joy in there?"

There is plenty of JOY for the Afrikan. I'm sorry if this "joy" does not correspond to your Euro-AMERICAN view of "JOY." NOW and Later ??!!!! Eating gross ass processed sugar artificial bs is a JOY!!! SAD!

For Afrikan pudding and cookies go get a cookbook, there's plenty of 'em out there!

For sunshine GO OUTSIDE!

"It might help your little cause or whatever seem a little more objective. As it stands now you've presented nothing but condemnation of one way of living, as opposed to promoting another."

Building/Destroying go together. This is only natural when telling someone a HEALTHIER way to live. Apparently their previous way must have been less healthy than the other way.

For real dude, your posts sound like a damn crybaby.





Still representin' the RED, BLACK & GREEN since 1978!

Ain't a damn thing changed...

*That includes the Panamanian "dummy government setup by you know who" flag.

***Something to think about***

"if the god of these religions (judaism/christianity/islam) is not above using terrorist tactics to make people believe in Him (and what's the big deal if people do Not believe in Him? God is a egomaniac) then why wouldnt the hardcore followers of these faiths have a tendency to terrorism as well?"- yuckwheat

***PEace to those who made the transition...***