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Topic subjectRE: you're high dude, but ill indulge
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11724, RE: you're high dude, but ill indulge
Posted by M2, Fri Sep-21-01 10:55 PM

>the whole point of preventative health
>practices is to avoid the
>"BAD" things, the negative effets
>of the epicurian lifestyle. It
>only seems like "discipline and
>sacrifice" to the European, only
>ecause this is not his
>way of life, nor should
>it be. lemme say that
>It only seems like "discipline and
>sacrifice" to the European, only
>ecause this is not his
>way of life

You can EASILY eat a diet that you would call "European" and engage in preventative health pratices, I've been doing it for years. :)

It's not Afrikan or nothing, what you would call the European diet exists in instances that are perfectly healthy.

Besides, what makes you think everyone in Africa (before european influence, and even now) eats the way you do? It's silly to present anything as monolithically african, due to the diverse nature of the region.

>BENEFITS: Not getting a cold in
>winter is a pleasure. Fasting
>to gain patience and mastery
>over hunger is a pleasure.
>Being able to offer suggestions
>to my coworkers for problems
>they have that i've incorporated
>and seen work ini me...then
>have them come back and
>tell me they're cured is
>a pleasure.

That's cool; but there are millions of people like myself who aren't vegetarian, don't do the all natural & raw food thing, but yet, don't get colds, heal faster then the general populace, can push themselves harder workouts without injury, etc, etc.......

and eat the occassional hamburger, eat meat, eat dairy products and will live perfectly healthy lives.

It's not all or nothing, or about culutural lifestyles, Afrikan Vs. European, etc, etc. There are multiple ways to do things and everyone is different, there is NO set way of living your life with respect to food and health. People can do different things and be just as healthy as someone else with a different lifestyle.

It's not about discipline & cultural philosophies, it's about what's best for your body (as well as moderation) and your way is not the best way for everyone.