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Posted by M2, Fri Sep-21-01 10:44 PM
Uta, look at this another way:

It's not about Western or Afrikan beliefs per se, discipline or not wanting to accept a better way of life. Think of it, as what your suggesting could cause other problems/and or isn't a complete solution, neglects other things, etc.

It's not about binary thinking or African Vs. European.

>Friend: "whatever dude, you're supposed to
>eat high protein after a
>workout, you need to feed
>the muscles."

High protein after a workout is neccessary, your body needs protein to rebuild itself. People who engage in moderate to intense regular excercise on a regular basis, can easily see the difference in their bodies, physical strength, muscle endurance and overall level of fitness with respect to what they eat after a workout, particularly when it comes to protein.

I don't crave foods that are high in protein, so during my track days it caused me a problem, UNTIL I changed my diet, got the protein I needed and started running past fools, recovering quicker, etc, etc.

I'm healthier, my body is performing better, the results are easily quantifiable.

SO what about your friend?

Well, it could be that your friend is eating to close to bed time, ingesting the wrong protein source, eating a crappy protein supplement that causes pain and cramps similar to lactose intolerance (Which I'm almost 100% sure is the case), eating too much after a workout, etc, etc.

It may not be western thinking, it may be dumb thinking in general when it comes to his nutrition.....AND going your way, may not solve his problem, particularly if protein is the issue.

Finally, when it comes to vegetarian diets, fasting, and so called "Afrikan" diets in general, it may not be those diets or activities that are the solution to the person's health problem per se......because it may just be that they stopped eating something they shouldn't E.g. the thing causing the problem (I.e. Red Meat).....and that their new diet fails them in other ways that don't cause as much discomfort/pain/illness....but are problems nonetheless.

So an Athlete who eats red meat as has issues, and becomes a vegetarian, may be not getting all the protein he needs, protein he could get if he added a little chicken or fish, which wouldn't cause him the problem that beef does.

You dig? You sometimes paint your diet/opinions/ideas as the only way, an any opposition to them as "western thinking" "laziness" Undisciplined" or whatever, instead of considering that the other person may be at least 1/2 right and/or going your way may not be the best solution.

And it has nothing to do with "Afrikaness" :)