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Posted by M2, Sat Sep-22-01 07:01 AM

-Who appointed you as some sort of quasi-devine entity that needs to go around "converting" people to your way of life?

-WHY do you have such a strong need to convert everyone to your way of thinking? If YOU'RE confident in your beliefs, why waste time with people who could care less about them?

I'm not saying you fall into this category, but *sometimes* I think people who are on such a crusade to convert other people's to their own, simply lack the strength of their own convictions and need other people to agree/support them in order to garner the strength to press on.

-What makes you think YOUR way is always the right way and that someone else's way of doing things isn't better for that person or better in general?

You present Afrikan culture as being communal, wholistic, cooperative.....it would seem to me that it would be very "adaptive" and would consider other ways of doing things, instead of presenting a rigid, uniform way of life that must be followed to the letter BY ALL PEOPLE, and refuses to even ponder the idea that other ways of doing things can be effective, correct or even the best way for that person.

-Be honest, are you REALLY promoting a better way of life or simply attacking everything Western/Non Afrikan? As I said before, it is VERY possible for someone to do something that doesn't fit into your way of thinking that is the best thing for them.

-Why do you boil down everything that goes contrary to your beliefs as being a case of "weakness" "lack of discipline" "a desire to embrace western principles" etc, etc.

Is your "Afrikan Culture" so perfect that the only reason people won't accept it is weakness of character.

Funny, a lot of other cultures/religions believe the same thing. ;)

To be Honest, a lot of the things you present (To Me) seem to be more for the purpose of rejecting Western Culture and being Afrikan, since a lot of the benefits you discuss can be acquired in other ways. I.e. Health.

I'm not trying to be offensive, but you (And Others) seem to present this Afrikan culture thing, more for the purpose of establishing superiority then for any other purpose. The Glee in "attacking" others, makes your motives seem more nafarious then noble. I see more of a personal benefit in terms of proving one's superiority/attacking western culture then overall improvement to one's life.

You study Martial arts right?

Well, there are people in the martial arts world who love to criticize other styles, present their practioners as weak..while never really giving people a "true" benefit as to why their style is better....or could help them defeat an opponent who practices something different.

E.g. Tae Kwan Do Vs. Kung Fu and other similar arguments.