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Topic subjectfuck my tactics: that's the best advice i can give
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11703, fuck my tactics: that's the best advice i can give
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-21-01 07:48 AM
try to imagine a computer generating these repsonses and not a real person...

as far as cats calling me rude: fuck it! that word has no place in my reality...partly because i see damn near nothing as rude, so yall will have to school me on that one. matter of fact, i have never thought anything on these boards is "rude"...sometimes stupid, but not rude...that would imply intentional desire to hurt someone, and this is the internet people!

and as far as all the profanity i use: it is simply used because it's funny to me...that's it! period. if cats get offended by four letter words...oh well...die! i don't give a fuck.

If it works do it, if it doesn't, DO BETTER!