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11697, ok...
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-21-01 07:18 AM
<--that's the part that screams "I think I'm better."

no, in my mind i'm thinking(much like solarus about you): is that cats know THEY are gross and are doing anything to delude hemselves or "get through" the night...

don't think i wasn't there before, i was *hanging head* and this is ho i can recognize it in others...

about me thinking i'm better than others(and this is really gonna cook your noodle):

i don't, i actually see myself when i look at others...and thus react to others the same way i would do myself. like the water analogy; "there are many drops in the ocean, but they are indistinguishabl from one another while in the ocean. they only have identity when separate from their brothers/sisters."

in my effort to merge and "be one" with all. my identity must be able to see itself as the same as every other living being. this also goes along with the whole "loving everyone indiscriminately" thing...

so i don't ever see myself better than anyone else...only because its hard to see peoples "dfferent levels of development" as any different than where i was at, at sometime...or where i want to be in the future...i would be a fool not to see my own characteristics in others and to deny it. you can ask solarus about my gross days, there were a lot of them. i'm just sharing how i transcended them. if others take them and use them, cool. i just know some of what i say WILL be attacked, hell I DID IT TOO! the thing is, the people trying to school me, or present their side of the matter never backed down because they themselves knew where i was coming from (they'd been there too) and KNEW eventually i would understand what they were saying. it turns out they were right, and thus i pass on the same information relentlessly to those ears ready to hear, and those hearts ready to ACT.

If it works do it, if it doesn't, DO BETTER!