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Posted by guest, Fri Sep-21-01 06:56 AM
a meat eating friend comes up to me at night wakign me up...

Friend: "Sherman my stomach hurts and feels like a knife is poking me on the inside, help! what can i do?"

Sherman: "shut the fuck up and die! that's what, it's 3 in the morning dude, i'm sleep!" *turns over and can't go back to sleep*

"Here dude, take some of my ginger root juice."


Sherman: "Say Duwayne, you know, eating Krystals this late at night is probably why you keep getting sick at bedtime and have put on so much weight you FAT FUCK!"

Friend: "whatever dude, you're supposed to eat high protein after a workout, you need to feed the muscles."

-At this point, i am directly confronted with a western ideology. it has nothing to do with "being better than another" but from what i know about the "information" of health and nutrition as it relates to the human system, my friend is worng. and no matter how i present it, he will feel under attack. if in my explanation, i offer an "afrikan centered PREVENTATIVE cure" (as i did hen i said "this might be why you are sick...") that will only further his BINARY THINKGING, pitting afrikan procedure against his beliefs...

i'm not trying to appear better, but best believe others see it that way...I WONDER WHY? hmmmmm...
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