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Topic subjectLaila Afrika & pleasure.
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11689, Laila Afrika & pleasure.
Posted by HotThyng76, Fri Sep-21-01 05:42 AM
Hey Uta (or any of you other Anti-everythingers),

Post up one (or 2) things from this magical bible on all things Afrikan that has something to do w/pleasure.

Like, is there anything an Afrikan can do to enjoy him/herself? All you ever give from that wonderful, knowledgable book of life are stern lessons on discipline and sacrifice and blah blah blah. (To me that's GROSS) I wanna know, what are the rewards of being so disciplined? At least Christians promote the afterlife thing to keep ppl going. What does Laila offer? I mean, other than the thrill of going around shouting at everyone about how "gross" they are and how much more disciplined Afrikans are and all that. Like, can I have some Afrikan pudding? An Afrikan cookie? An Afrikan Now-and-Later?Is there any sunshine for an Afrikan? Is there any joy in there?

It might help your little cause or whatever seem a little more objective. As it stands now you've presented nothing but condemnation of one way of living, as opposed to promoting another.