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Topic subjectThrowing something in
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11274, Throwing something in
Posted by Federisco, Fri Oct-12-01 03:03 AM
I read this in a major norwegian newspaper (heheh it is small compared to El País and NY Times, but the quality is good):

"Abdul Salim Majali, prime minister of Jordan up to 1998, is now warning the West, saying they musn't avoid looking themselves into the mirror by blaming the middle east for the attacks.
- We have to remove the causes of the frustrations. And this has to do with how the riches and privileges are distributed in this world, says Majali to Dagsavisen (*the newspaper).
- The anger which we can see exploding on the streets is linked with being poor, an impotence. We are now in the middle of a conflict between the poor and the rich in the world. And this is important for the people of the West to realize, he says."

Another place in the article it said:
"But what causes the terrorism isn't only linked to USAs politics or the middle east crisis. Some of the causes can also be found locally, in the political systems, stated an expert from Jordan yesterday.

- Many of our regimes are by the people not seen as worthy of their position and power. Those who oppose these regimes are being tracked down and put under preassure. This is another cause behind the terror, the expert says, who chooses to not have his name printed.

But the professor isn't actually talking about a democracy. Instead he is saying that a ruling system has to build a trust and stability with the people.
- Just look at Jordan. We do not have a democracy, but our king is also not a violent ruler with blood on his hands. And the people knows that without the king we would be thrown into dangerous tribal wars, he says.

With totalitarian regimes such as Iraq and Syria as their closest neighbours, democracy is not the first step on their plan for the future. What many seem to want is stability."

And to throw something more in, from myself. I think it is always important to study as many different opinions to a case as possible, and try to respect each one... so i think it would be more important to read the article in the first post than by skipping it. Something is missing if you only base yourself on one side of an arguement.. or war