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11272, As UrbGriot Said
Posted by M2, Thu Oct-11-01 01:28 PM
Let's be Honest:

I know people from Aghanistan personally, they don't have anywhere near the same freedoms we do. Simple things we take for granted:

Choosing any religion we want
Dressing how we see fit
Living our lives the way we want to (more or less)

If this was Afghanistan, and we were the precious few that had access to a computer, Internet access, electricity and food.....we would be dead anyway, for daring go criticize & question our leaders.

Which we've all done AT LEAST 100 times.

So while it is "nice" to attempt to not to criticize another culture through American eyes, WE DO need to look at the effects on the people and say to ourselves: "Would I want that happening to me?" "How would I feel if my Mom was stoned to death for just trying to work, in order to keep me from starving to death OR I wish Mom WAS allowed to work, so we'd have some food"

Simplify it to it's least common denominator, WOULD I want that happening to me? Would that happen here?

As for our attacking Afghanistan, it's a freakin tragedy it really is. It's a tragedy that people are getting hurt that have nothing to do with the events that lead to this, it's a tragedy that we're at the point were negotiation, peace and giving in to someone else's demands will make things worse.

Remember, there is propaganda on both sides, Bin Ladin is using religion and so called "attacks on Islam" to justify and gather support for his actions. Bush is using "good & evil" "human rights" "threat to america" "we're innocent" to justify his actions.

Truth be told, both sides have valid points, so let's boil it down:

The 9/11 attacks actually hurt Islam and set back the objectives that Bin Ladin claims to support. Palestine WAS going to be recognized as a state, that's been postponed indefinitely. The Islamic states that we're supposedly occupying? Well, we were invited, long before the Persian Gulf war, and those countries have all asked us to stay.

The 9/11 attacks killed 6,000 civilians and the sole purpose of the attacks was to scare & kill Americans.

We've attacked others to be sure, but have we ever attacked another country strictly for the purpose of spreading fear and killing civilians.

The only sure way to prevent future attacks from Bin Ladin and/or Al Quaida is to destroy them both, there is no reason for this country to believe that changing our actions will get them to "leave us alone".

It also sends a message to other possible terrorists, domestic and foreign...

Someone will always have Beef with the most powerful nation in the world, no matter what it does.

The group that Bin Ladin leads has promised more attacks, Bin Ladin HIMSELF said that Americans would never feel safe, until x, y & z happens. What reason do we have to believe him? Why not just attack Israel directly? Why do something that is hurting the middle east peace process?

We helped him win the war against the soviets, have been providing aid to Afghanistan for years, have even served as a mediator in the Mid East peace process.

Wouldn't a reasonable man, decide that maybe, smashing planes into buildings isnt' the best way to work with us?


In the end, we have a primary threat (Bin Ladin) and a secondary threat in a state that supports him. If we don't want to see 9/11 repeated, we have to destroy him.

I believe that Bin Ladin is war monger, a man that will always find an enemy or reason to fight someone. It doesn't matter what we do, he'll keep attacking....it doesn't take a Genius to figure out that attacking America like that, is going to make this country go after you like a Rapid Pit Bull.

Destroying the WTC to get us to pull out of the Middle East, particularly when we were invited? Please, that's just stupid.

That's like me blowing up one of the buildings of a company I want to work for, in order to get a Job. They're really going to hire me after that.