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Topic subjectI used to feel that way.
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11266, I used to feel that way.
Posted by HotThyng76, Wed Oct-10-01 12:02 PM
But to hell w/that.

I'm a believer in a certain level of human rights. And I don't care about perspectives...some things are just FLAT OUT wrong. What America is doing to Afghanistan is wrong, but that doesn't make what the Taliban is doing to Afghanistan not wrong.

I'm not sure it's okay to stand by and watch it happen, either. Sure, getting involved is messy and all, but still I'm not so willing to say it's the wrong thing to do. Ppl will bring up the WWII example over and over, but what about that one? I think the US was full of shit for not stepping into that situation before Pearl Harbor. Actually, the whole West was full of shit for not stepping in sooner. Hindsight is clear, though. I guess I can understand why they all waited to do something. They were conflicted then just as we are now...but the stakes were even higher.