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Topic subjectRE: Statues and what we know about Afghanistan
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11248, RE: Statues and what we know about Afghanistan
Posted by urbgriot, Thu Oct-11-01 07:24 AM
>You say it like it's a
>curse word -- it isn't.
>Point-blank, people are NOT the
>same. People have different cultures
>and traditions. People have different
>ways of thinking about things.
>That, to me, is one
>of the BIGGEST problems with
>this damn country -- we
>like to lump everyone and
>everything together and its fucking
>stupid and immature -- at
>Now, you talk about what he
>says about women and how
>they have mistreated women. Um...
>are we any better? And
>we don't even have an
>excuse! (not that there ever
>is one, but I have
>to take this dude at
>his word -- it's HIS
>country and HIS culture, not
>mine!) Everyday, in America, women
>are killed. They are killed
>by men. Domestic violence. Rape.
>Come on! Are we any
>better in our treatment of
>women? Are women held as
>equals to men? Fuck no.
>Of course, men like to
>give good ol' lip-service, but
>they still treat women like
>Don't give me this pseudo-feminism crap.
>I have been there and
>let me tell you, if
>the average American, Black, white,
>Asian, Native, etc, knew the
>stats about women in America...
>maybe they would think that
>we should bomb ourselves into

Is this your true argument.. ???
Come on Dock do better...

>pseudo-feminism crap
Ah man do better..