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Topic subjectRE: Statues and what we know about Afghanistan
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11246, RE: Statues and what we know about Afghanistan
Posted by DonKnutts, Thu Oct-11-01 04:57 AM
>Which means that you are viewing
>all of this through an
>Euro-American lens... when you can
>"safely" assume that all "politicians"
>are alike, you are not
>allowing for differences according to
>culture OR history or place.

f'ck outta here with that cultural relativism bullllshizm.

straight up, the dude is talking like a politician.

ummm we don't mistreat our women, i mean before 96 they had to stay at home all the time, but um now they can work outside of the home, and ummmm it was because they were getting raped...

at least give me a scholar or regular citizen's viewpoint.