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11238, RE: Defending family does not
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-12-01 03:04 AM

>We're talking about terrorist attacks here...So the
>point is to try to
>wipe out the roots and
>originators of those who plotted
>and planned these attacks so
>it's less likely to happen

That's one miniscule part of the point.

Terrorism happens all over the world. Study it--REALLY study it and you'll see that. It's not caused by a handful of 12 people we can grab and put out of comission. It is caused by social, political, economic, military and psychological forces creating a world outlook where that is the only way. And although those actions are MORALLY wrong, that doesn't mean the view that that is the only way to "fight back" isn't logically acurate. I will agree that terrorist activity fucks the chance of your voice ever being heard because the moral reprehensivity closes the ears of anyone that might have listened(after generations of ignoring suffering).

SO THE POINT (as you aptly put it) or GOAL is to end terrorism.

One small and minor objective is to remove those who repeatedly commit terrorist acts.

A more important objective (b/c Osama bin Laden is human and will die of natural causes in maybe 20-30 years) is to end the world conditions: social, economic, political, military, psychological --THAT CREATE SITUATIONS WHERE TERRORISM IS SEEN AS A LEGITIMATE OPTION.

Think USA. Think of how we blame the poor who take up minor drug sales (a la Marijuana) for making a poor MORAL choice. But their choice IS logical... be exploited by McDonald's and struggle, OR sell herb and manage to get by.