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Topic subjectRE: Defending family does not
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11237, RE: Defending family does not
Posted by SoulQuest, Thu Oct-11-01 11:06 AM

>I was telling someone the
>other day that if america
>was attacked I would try
>to get myself and fam
>out of the country.
>If i was attacked personally
>by one of the invaders
>I would NOT hesitate to
>put them out of commission...

We're talking about terrorist attacks here. The point is trying to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening again cause once they're in place, they're difficult or impossible to defend against. A terrorist attacker is voluntarily putting himself out of commission to put thousands of others out of commission as well. So the point is to try to wipe out the roots and originators of those who plotted and planned these attacks so it's less likely to happen again. How realistic it is to think that we're going to wipe out and find everyone who poses as a terrorist threat is another question.