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Topic subjectThe Analogy??
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11225, The Analogy??
Posted by urbgriot, Wed Oct-10-01 10:53 AM
Am not sure about that analogy being that my sister would be a third party in an incident. But I would take it out both gangs and have a disdain for all involved in the gang culture...(like I am in reality)

Better one would have been:

If this 6 foot 360 pound guy kept stealing food, picking on, and disrespecting this 5 foot 8 150 pound guy. one day little guy decided to hit him... is he wrong???

The answer is yes and no.. Violence is never an answer to a problem. the result would probaly be him getting his assed kicked (unless he knows martial arts) but they will have to respect you.. (well no they don't) but at the least they know you ain't gonna back down..

Bin Laden would be the little guy if it were not that fact that his ambitions are further beyond respect for Islam.