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Topic subjectthis bias is ridiculous
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11223, this bias is ridiculous
Posted by urbgriot, Wed Oct-10-01 10:01 AM
>I would have thought we would
>have realized by now that
>our hands weren't wanted there...

History proves that ut would be very dangerous in the long term for the US to abandon the Middle East. (Very Dangerous)
Furtermore, many of the countries want the US presence. (Sudia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt just to name a few)Just cause it's their custom does not make it right...(and their, The Talaban, treatment of women is is not right)

We can argue about the values and practices of Western culture all day, but that does not make me side with the against just cause.. The Middle East is no better (boring from Uta the Arab World = Gross) they are just as brutal, controlling, and corrupt if not more (that is without the help of the West) hell at least Western nation allow for diversity.

Anyway in order for a nation to survive in this world it has to operate on other lands. In regards to this situation it's simple
when you get punched, you have to punch back or risk getting your assed kicked. Evaluation and different methods of diplomacy are neccessary as well. Just saying sometimes you have to fight..